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Planes of the Past

Boeing B-29 Superfortress ... tour it now!

This site is a tribute to the great military aircraft and commercial airplanes of the past, and to those who designed, built, flew, and serviced them.

From the Enola Gay to the Boeing 707, from the B-17 Flying Fortress to the SR-71 Blackbird, and the great warbirds and civil aviation aircraft in between ... we remember.

Enjoy your flight back to the past!

Aircraft Boneyards and Storage Facilities

Military aircraft and commercial airliners have limited lifespans. Aircraft "boneyards" in the western U.S. serve two functions: temporary storage, and scrapping. These facilities offer good opportunities to view aircraft.

Aviation Museums

Aircraft museums in the United States, review, photographs, maps, information ... click for details

For those interested in vintage airplanes of the past, there are indeed lots of military DVDs, photographs, and commercial aviation books. But we find that the best way to understand aviation history is to see it up close and personal ... to see the planes, touch them, and sense their size and purpose.

We are currently offering personal reviews and highlights of several renown air museums which we have visited and highly recommend.

Our reviews include the history of the museum, highlights of exhibits and aircraft on display, tips on visiting the museum, photographs, and maps.

Highlights of Featured Aircraft

Nose art on C-47 "7th Heaven" ... click to learn more about nose art and view photographs
Nose art on C-47 "7th Heaven" (staff photo)

Airplane Nose Art, Buzz Numbers, Naval Aviation and More!

There are additional features and stories included on this site, with more added frequently. Some recent additions include:

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